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Still Rolls the Stone From the Grave! How does He roll the stone away in your life? 4/5/2012 4:38:25 PM

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Hello discussion folks.  Easter is just around the corner, and even though this discussion page is usually meant for the purpose of chatting about the sermon, I "got to thinkin'" about how Jesus rolled the stone away from the grave. 

As the Bob Bennet song goes, "I threw of my grave-clothes, cried a pool of tears, for the Voice of the Living One, spoke the stars and spheres.  He called me from my dungeon, and led me to this place, where the dead live, and the blind see His Face. Still rolls the stone, still rolls the stone, still rolls the stone from the grave."

In my own life, He has rescued me out of a circular pattern of guilt and sin.  Self-centeredness, even when I did not sin overtly...I "naturally" am so inclined to think about myself and my own failures, that I am blind to the brightness of His Glory...too turned inward that I would walk round and round in the cave of my own mind while His Glory blazes outside, just waiting for me to peek out of myself. 

But now I can say, "See me as I am Lord Jesus!  You died for the likes of me, and I can accept your forgiveness! Thank you Lord, for the beauty all around, in your people and in the natural world.  Spring is for now perennial, and Your Love breaks through the heavens each sunset evening!  Your people, even the ones, the brave ones who suffer in illness and loss, still glorify Your Holy Name and make the most of the gifts you have given them!  Here the Kingdom of God Reigns in our midst, and I am so glad to be called a daughter of the Most High God!"

How does He roll the stone away in your life?  Happy Easter everyone!! heart

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