What in the Name of God?!?


Possibly some who read yesterday’s blog may have felt it to be a bit provocative - good! This blog is intended to provoke thoughtful reflection on our faith! Some might have even wondered, what in the name of God was he thinking - to say the Bible is not the Word of God?!? Precisely! Allow me to explain:

The “names” by which we refer to God are not merely titles; they are revelations of God’s nature and his workings. So the distinction between “God’s word” and “God, ‘The Word’” is significant, even “vital”, in the truest sense. Who God is and what God does are inseparable (“I Am”)! Christ Jesus’ name and function as “The Word” are imperative to distinguish and recognize, because understanding the nature and workings of Jesus informs our worship of God and the way in which we perceive and receive his ministry.

For example, as the personal, creative Voice of God, who speaks and things become, what power stands behind the things Jesus says? The “Word of God” transcends opinion; Jesus’ words are authoritative because he is the Author of our faith. What Jesus says creates and defines reality on God’s terms. And acknowledging this truth in the way we relate to God is both informative and transformative!

Christian jargon can easily become a filter for understanding that screens out important facets of our faith. It keeps our thinking and viewpoint shallow and hinders us from seeking deeper into the things of God. Semantics can sometimes muddle the message and “veil the verity of the thing”, as Jeremiah, the poet-gardener would say. Sometimes there is value in communicating things in a way which pokes at our paradigms and prods our perspectives, that we might mine God’s deeper treasures.

It’s something to think about…